The story

codeNext. Originated from passion.

Plenty of ICT

CodeNext is an ICT company from Veendam, Groningen, The Netherlands. CodeNext specializes in Odoo, an open-source CRM and ERP package that can be completely customized to your own needs. Based on your business processes, Odoo can be set up in such a way that it perfectly matches your wishes.

Odoo afbeelding en tekstblok

Let me introduce myself


From a young age I was fascinated by everything to do with ICT. In 2013 I first heard about Odoo, a modular ERP system consisting of numerous applications. In the years that followed, I became actively involved with Odoo and gradually built up more functional and technical knowledge.

After years of developing and working with Odoo, it was clear to me: this software is the solution for every company.

Wytze Jan Riedstra
founder & developer

codeNext + your company

codeNext wants to help your company grow! CodeNext can provide an Odoo implementation that is completely tailored to your needs. In addition, codeNext can help you with customization if applications are not fully compliant as standard.

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